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Medical X-Ray Tube Replacements

Sales, service and technical support for medical X-ray imaging systems.

Best pricing and warranty for OEM x-ray tube replacements in North America.

MobileDaRt Evolution

 Shimadzu continues to bring out new models of their Mobile DaRt Evolution units. MedXraytubes has replacements for the earlier Shimadzu RX80 and 85 models along with the popular mobile units.  Single focal point and Dual Focal spot Shimadzu  0.7/1.3U163C-36


        FDR Go - Plus
Fuji FDR Go.jpg

Fuji Corporation offering new mobile imaging X-ray tube models each year. With their Fuji FDR go and other models world wide. The operating tube and housing is still the Shimadzu dual focal spot 0.7/1.3U163C-36. MedXraytubes has a higher quality OEM X-ray tube replacement and longest warranty.

7242 / 7254 / 7886 / 7252
Toshiba E7886.jpg

The Toshiba Corporation (now owned by Canon) has been supplying their X-ray tubes to a number of new mobile X-ray machine manufactures. MedXraytubes has all the latest OEM X-ray tube replacement with the Toshiba E7886, E7252 and all other older models


                           Next day delivery
               OEM X-ray tube replacements for all popular manufactures models.
                     From the past thirty years to today's modern mobiles.
       Varian      GE      Philips      Siemens      Canon      AGFA      Samsung     phone: 854 999 6888


                                  MedXraytubes Vision

 It seems to be the objective of many medical manufacturers to sell the cheapest product that can last past their warranty. The high cost of medical imaging only continues to rise with new companies and new products coming to market. We see the X-ray tube manufacturers creating new models without any maintenance to the expensive equipment they just sold you. It has been MedXraytubes goal to fill the needed  OEM X-ray tube replacement market and offer an alternative to the over priced OEM replacement.

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