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Most of Medxraytubes clients are medical imaging service providers. If you do not have a service provider, we will find one for you in any location in North America.

Original Manufacturers X-ray tubes

Medical imaging system manufacturers and x-ray tube continues to change every day. It can be a difficult decision to buy the latest model imaging system or replace the failing parts. Not all imaging facilities can afford the latest and greatest. Medxraytubes an original manufacturers at a much higher price than an OEM replacement.

Pre owned X-ray tubes

Finding pre owned imaging equipment is not that hard. Finding the X-ray tube you need that has been professionally tested and still meets all FDA requirements can be more difficult.

Over the years Medxraytubes has acquired some of the more popular models that could return to service. The time and cost of installation can out way the cost savings. All Medxraytubes do come with warranties.

OEM X-ray tube Replacements

Medxraytubes is offering a less expensive option with the highest quality. As time has gone on it is now better to reload your OEM x-ray tube housing with the higher quality inserts available from MedXraytubes. This is the most cost effective  medical X-ray tube replacement with longer warranties than the OEM.


Repairs services

Over the years many X-ray tube companies have left the market or been bought out. Leaving many great and powerful X-ray systems still out and running with no parts or service from the original manufacture. MedXraytubes has hundreds of used medical x-ray tubes from the past forty years. Making a simple repair may be the most cost effective solution.

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